Press and Media

There have been several press articles about the Trashing of Mapungubwe. Where possible, we will provide links to these to make it easy for you to get more information. If we have missed any articles, please use the Contact option on this website to bring these to our attention.

On Monday 9 August, television programme 50/50 broadcast an in-depth programme on the Vele Colliery development. In addition to this broadcast, 50/50 has some excellent information and advice on its website - For a transcript of the programme and for information pertaining to the Vele project, please visit the 50/50 website:;=category&id;=67:episode-9-august-2010&layout;=blog&Itemid;=199

Objection to Mine and Power Station by Birdlife South Africa,,3-975_2511620,00.html

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